Homosexuality and a Divided “Church”

A quick rant…

I think I’m only just starting to see for the first time how truly divided the church is over the issue of homosexuality. I’m not sure why I haven’t noticed sooner, but professing Christians are truly polarized over this.

I really enjoy watching preachers/speakers on YouTube. I also like to peruse the comments. I rarely engage in them, but I find it to be a sort of thermometer on where culture is at. It only just dawned on me today that the debate over homosexuality isn’t just between believers and secularists, but between believers! The debates aren’t even over how Christians should respond to homosexuality, which I could understand. The debates aren’t over the role/validity of politics on the matter, which I could also understand. Christians are actually arguing over whether it’s a sin at all!

And while this is baffling to me, it also seems to be yet another sign of a trend I’ve noticed recently: believers making their decisions based on opinions, science, and culture rather than the Bible. More and more I see Christians first seeking to be relevant, and only afterward do they try and reconcile their thoughts with scripture. They don’t look to scripture in the forming of their thoughts, but they prefer their thoughts as a tool for forming scripture to their liking.

I lack the skills as a communicator to express how troubling this is. As professing believers, shouldn’t we first look for answers in the word, no matter how crazy those answers seem, and then proceed as though they are true? Shouldn’t we first stand on the infallibility of scripture? If not, then on what shall we stand? Human reasoning? Philosophy? Our heart? Science? I know many would be content with any of these answers, but it should be said plainly that to build our beliefs around these things is a contradiction to God’s word and ultimately an affront to God himself.

Let’s examine the issue of homosexuality as a test case; not because it is a special category of sin or any such nonsense, but because it is a cultural hotspot. What I see is Christians that are unable to reconcile the biblical texts they read (I’m not even addressing the scripturally malnourished who flat don’t read at all and therefore don’t know) with the deluge of cultural influence they are faced with. I see “believers” that are faced with the discrepancy between the Bible and accepted understanding and simply cannot choose to stand on the word before seeking understanding.

And THAT’S the problem I’m trying to address here. It’s not that they are ill-equipped with fine arguments to counter the culture. That isn’t the problem. The problem is one we will ALL face at times: “I’ve seen for myself that the Bible says this thing, but all my reasoning and all the common knowledge around me says another. How do I respond?”

Are we willing to stand on God’s word simply because it’s God’s word? Not because it makes sense to our reasoning, not because it makes us feel good, not because it’s relevant/compatible with culture… no, just because God says it?

And my fear is that the answer is increasingly “no, that’s not enough.” We need it to be palatable first.

God, help us…


6 thoughts on “Homosexuality and a Divided “Church”

  1. Well said Daniel; trash bins across the nation are full of 2 year agos trending Christian hot topic books. The Bible stands despite our questions. Purity is purity, live that once you come to Christ is what every believer is asked to pattern their lifestyle on. We all falter yet are encouraged to try again, not toss redemption aside and do our our own thing.


  2. I’ll admit that this post was written as quick rant and there are some things I wanted to communicate but didn’t take the time to. I wrote a follow up post that I hope brings a bit of extra clarity to my thoughts and where I’m coming from.


    • Hi Dan, I very much agree with your quick “rant”!I too am baffled and troubled by professing believers who are completely ignoring and rejecting what the bible says concerning homosexuality.We should not be surprised of unbelievers accepting,participating in,and promoting something sinful,as Satan actively blinds the minds of unbelievers…but believers doing so is incredibly sad. Increasingly ,those of us who hold to a Godly view of what makes a family,a marriage,etc.,are made to feel as though we are unenlightened,prejudiced,intolerant morons who discriminate. I saw a picture the other day of Bruce Jenners cat…it was a beagle,and that pretty much epitomizes the way we are headed.I would love to read your follow up post and hope it is out soon.


  3. It’s sad and tragic Dan, not only has the gospel itself been poorly communicated as of late with disastrous results, but the centrality of the gospel, the cross itself it altogether missing from the lifestyles of most who profess to be Christian.
    I believe Jesus said it like this: If you do not pick up your cross daily, you cannot be my disciple. It’s synonymous with Jesus saying, “Unless you are willing to die, you cannot follow Me or perform my will.” Why did Jesus make such a radical statement?
    If it were possible for a man to live the Christian life we would have no need for a crucified Savior. A crucified Saviour must have crucified followers lest we rely upon ourselves and our own resources in any fashion. To entertain as an option any wisdom of this world or even what appears to be relevant, popular or true is a danger. It’s kind of like an old friend who once told me, “I listen to _______ music to study the enemy?” Huh? Does making poor choices or placing myself in harms way actually help me?

    It is not wrong to address this culture or to prove its vain arguments and wisdom lacking or false. It is wrong to rely upon these in making judgments and decisions in relation to what is true and proper for a Christian. Until one sees themselves as bankrupt and entirely reliant upon Jesus for everything, they will continue to err in the ways above and live in a manner that opposes and contradicts their profession of faith.
    I suppose we each should take a stand upon these issues, despite the fact that our calling really isn’t issues now is it? The issue I should be concerned about is this: Is my relationship with God for real and am I exemplifying that lifestyle by my words alone or through my actions which derive, controlled and sustained by Him.
    In any area of thought where Jesus does not have sway, I will default to my own and this worlds resources in Adam.

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  4. Jesus died upon the cross to take the punishment that we deserve and secure for us forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God, and although this was ordained of God, Christ’s crucifixion was the only possible outcome given the sinfulness of man, even religious man, and Christ’s confrontation of their sin so they would repent and put their faith in Him. This is what we are called to when Jesus said we must pick up our cross and follow Him. We confront sinners, whether religious or not, with the truth of the gospel for their salvation and Christ’s glorification. Paul did only that and he suffered great persecution, just like His Master and Lord Jesus Christ. How can we expect anything different? Let us follow Jesus Christ in presenting the gospel to lost sinners so that God will, according to His good pleasure, work in their hearts for salvation. God bless us.


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