About Me

Hi, I’m Dan. I was created to glorify God.

It’s the singular purpose for which I exist, though I often forget that. I’m not even sure sometimes how exactly he wants me to walk this purpose out, but I’m trying daily to yield to him so that he may shine all the more through me. My continual prayer is that he lead me to a greater understanding of the him; his character, his grace, and his will for my life.

Until lately I’ve attempted to do this through service in a wonderful local church, but more recently have been lead by him into a different understanding of what it is to BE the church rather than ATTEND a “church”. This is a delicate and often offensive subject with many. While it certainly isn’t my desire to offend, I do wish to speak truthfully what I believe God is showing me. I’ll understand if you disagree :)

The short bio: I’m a Southern Californian, born and raised, happily married with five awesome kids. I’m a web developer, musician, and an unapologetic geek.

Thanks for stopping by!